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Think about it. No matter how you spell it, Iguanas store heat during the day when the sun is shining, and release that energy overnight - just like Eguana energy storage systems.

That’s why VerdeSol is proud to announce we are now an Eguana Technologies dealer – not because they possess a strong connection to an Iguana or have a cool logo, but because we think they provide the best energy storage product on the market for our small to medium-sized commercial projects.

“I have worked with Keith for a number of years developing the energy storage market in the Southeast and look forward to supporting VerdeSol as they expand the use of renewable energy technologies,” said Livio Filice, Director of Global Sales at Eguana Technologies. “Eguana is a cutting edge energy storage technology company focused on delivering products into both residential and commercial markets. We help homeowners and business owners reduce their electric costs, increase their energy independence, and protect themselves from power outages."

Canadian based Eguana Technologies bridges the gap between electricity supply and demand by making distributed energy storage more economic, flexible, and reliable in order to enable the highest penetration of renewable energy sources into the grid.

This energy storage option may not have a third eye to track the sun, but if you need a solution that includes energy arbitration, offsets your high peak demand charges, and provides a critical load backup when the power goes out, an Eguana could just become your best friend.


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