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From large manufacturing facilities to small distribution centers, VerdeSol will provide the solar solution catered to your unique business.

We understand some of the challenges affecting your bottom line:

VerdeSol will perform load analytics and integrate an energy storage solution if required, so you don't lose one minute of costly production time.

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  • Demand Charges

  • Real-Time Pricing Fluctuation

  • Critical Load Requirements


We know first-hand how every square inch of soil is valuable to a farmer, so we'll design a solar system best suited to the agricultural layout of your property - from a Swine or Poultry Farm to a Grain or Dairy Operation, as well as a Hemp or Cannabis Farm.


VerdeSol will then develop a solution specific to your needs, whether you require a ground mount, roof mount, or a combination of both, and we'll even apply for your USDA REAP Grant.  We are more than willing to go over your options for lowering utility bills, and we won't quit until the cows come home.

"If we estimate dignity by immediate usefulness, agriculture is undoubtedly the first and noblest science."

Samuel Johnson

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Whether the overhead at your office headquarters is keeping you up at night, or your new brewery's production cost is fermenting your margins, VerdeSol can provide options to reduce that high cost of energy and keep those taps flowing.

Over the years our portfolio has included design and integration of commercial solar PV systems for office buildings, banks, faith-based organizations, hotels and resorts, auto dealerships, and hardware stores.

Imagine the positive marketing potential on your investment. 

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We can't think of a better way to teach our children about positive changes to the environment other than making them a part of it.


We've worked with Santee Cooper, The Georgia Green Power EMCs, and Georgia Power developing Solar for Schools Programs on over 70 schools in the southeast and we're just getting started.

Our projects have included solar PV systems at Coastal Carolina University and USC. We also developed internship programs with students from The University of the Virgin Islands and Valencia College in Florida for project-specific opportunities.

"Children are the world's most valuable resource

and its best hope for the future."

John F. Kennedy

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We've seen the numbers and know what it takes to keep a resort at the top of the Travel + Leisure list. We've also experienced a few hurricanes over the years.


We understand the myriad challenges and creative solutions required for the successful integration of solar in the Caribbean.  Our experience with The Westin, Divi Resorts and CEK Airport have prepared us to provide the best possible end product for each client.

Rest assured our solar designs will soak up enough of your Caribbean sun to offset the high cost of energy, and our battery-based microgrid systems will give you the power you can count on.

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