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Little did we know when arriving at Amicalola Falls State Park in Dawsonville, GA to begin the five mile trek up to Len Foote Hike Inn that Backpacker Magazine and National Geographic had already given accolades to this sustainable and conservation conscious backcountry inn.

Nestled on a mountaintop with soaring views is a non-profit environmental treasure like no other, and VerdeSol was tasked in helping to keep it that way through the inn’s “Above the Grid” Solar Initiative. A new roof over the ‘Sunrise Room’ provided the perfect venue to upgrade the solar photovoltaic system and maintain their LEED certification at the Platinum Level.

As backpackers and owners of a solar company, this project could not have been a more perfect fit for VerdeSol, and we were excited to begin 2021 by doing something positive for our environment.

So whether you need a much needed retreat from hiking the nearby Appalachian Trail, a peaceful reprieve from life, or just want to teach your children about the goodness in nature, follow the green blazes to Len Foote Hike Inn. Only you will know the freshly painted new one is named “Sonya’s Blaze” for reasons we won’t disclose here!


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