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VerdeSol solar design build
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commercial solar solutions for a cooler environment

VerdeSol is a commercial solar design-build firm based on the US east coast. Our scope encompasses solar PV solutions for the industrial, commercial, agricultural, educational, and Caribbean markets. We're environmentalists and it shows in our strategic and value-oriented designs, adding to the success of our clients while making them a part of this world change. 

We truly believe solar makes a difference...and have been thinking this way for a very long time.

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our markets

VerdeSol's project footprint spans the entire US and Caribbean Region so we realize our world's commercial industry is constantly changing. If your company doesn't fit into one of our focused market sectors, give us a call. We'd love to learn about your business! Together we'll decide if it's a good fit for VerdeSol or happily refer you to one of our colleagues. 

Here at VerdeSol we know the decision to go solar shouldn't be a complicated process. That's why we'll begin with a design specifically catered to your business, procure the necessary components, install your system, and monitor your energy-saving results. In other words, we've got this!

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our process

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our projects

Ever since our partner, Keith Freeman, installed his first commercial solar PV system, his passion for this industry has never waned. Take a look at some of the projects we've undertaken and you'll see just how much of this passion for solar has contributed to creating a positive impact on businesses, farmers, our environment, and our children.  

imagine holding the


of positive

world change in the palm

of your hand

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"I've worked with Keith over 10 years on a number of projects in the Savannah area, including my own home. Keith's been a pleasure to work with and is always responsive, professional, knowledgeable, and deeply passionate about renewable energy."

Tommy Linstroth, LEED Fellow

CEO, Green Badger

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"Keith's ability to handle logistics for getting materials to the island and scheduling labor on such a large project was impressive."

Sergo Buissereth

Director of Engineering Operations

CuisinArt Resort and Spa

Rendezvous Bay, Anquilla

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"In the years we worked together I developed an enduring respect for both Keith's work ethic and his problem-solving abilities. I can confidently say that he will provide a positive and beneficial resource for your commercial solar projects." 

Jennifer Szaro

VP, Research

Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA)

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