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The phrase “when one door closes, another one opens” took a different twist years ago when we installed inverters on a project and the manufacturer ‘closed’ their doors for business prior to the 10 year warranty period.

Seizing the opportunity to ‘open’ that door again, SIC USA out of California began providing

parts, training, and technical support for these great systems.

So when our Partner, Keith Freeman, opened the door to one of the inverters at Morgan Farms in Georgia last week for a repair, he had been provided with a replacement part that seamlessly had the system up and running immediately.

“One of my 10 yr old Inverters went down recently so I called Keith Freeman for his help and expertise. He was quick to respond and diagnosed the problem. Once the solution was decided on, the parts were ordered and delivered promptly and Keith was right on it. Within 24 hours of receiving the parts, I was back Generating power!!!! Unfortunately with any Solar System, problems will arise, but Keith is your solution to get back to generating Power!! Thanks, Keith!!!”

Ken Morgan, M. D.

Keith may have closed the door to that particular inverter last week, but VerdeSol will never close the door on its clients. Technology moves fast. We’ll always keep up with the best products on the market and with great companies like SIC USA, we’ll find a way to keep them maintained.

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