á la carte

VerdeSol is a turn-key operation, taking your project from design to commissioning. But we realize your business appetite may not be as large as others, or you'd simply like a few samples before you go for the full entreé. That's why we offer the services below á la carte. Select as many or as few as you'd like.

Conceptual Designs

You might be tired of hearing the phrase 'we're all in this together', but it's true. That's why we collaborate and team with other companies in our industry so we can all better serve our clients.


VerdeSol currently performs conceptual design work for a company just like us. They sell it, we design it, and they install the system.


So if you've also overused the phrase 'can't we all just get along', we think we're pretty easy to work with.


Project Management

We're all professionals so we know how to manage our projects. But if it makes more sense logistically for someone else to handle yours, let's talk. We'll be honest about our own schedule and let you know if our time frame allows us to give your project our full attention. 

And just like any job, proper management is one of the best keys to success. We have a feeling our white VerdeSol hardhats will be a welcome sight on your project.

Feasibility Studies

Let's say you've made the smart decision to let VerdeSol apply for your USDA REAP Grant. Well, just know they will require a Feasibility Study from a Qualified Consultant if the system cost exceeds a certain amount. 

The USDA wants to make sure your solar installer has done their homework and the system will be feasible from an Economic, Technical, Financial, Management, and Market Feasibility standpoint. Whew! Maybe you should just let our Qualified Consultant handle this too.

Engineered Drawings

Permitting departments have different requirements by municipality and by state. So if you find yourself in need of engineered drawings, we can offer one and three line electrical drawings stamped by a Professional Engineer.

And we use some pretty swanky software, which results in a polished and interesting look that's easy to understand. Permitting won't have to question where all those wires are running to.

USDA REAP Grant Writing

When you own a rural small business or 50% of your income is derived from agriculture, you may qualify for a USDA REAP Grant which, if approved, will cover 25% of the cost of your system.

We've already muddled through the process so we clearly know how to complete the 34 pages of forms along with knowing exactly what additional paperwork is going to keep your application in the right stack. You can just relax and go on about your business.

RFQs and Specifications

If your company's been tasked with writing the RFQ or Specifications for a project, that's great! It gives you the opportunity to have some control over the quality and workmanship you expect.

But if your project requires writing specifics about solar photovoltaics and that's just not your forté, we can literally write them in our sleep so our turn-a-round time will meet your tight daytime deadlines.

What Our Clients Say

"When I asked Pat Shay, a local Savannah Architect for a recommendation on my solar project, he recommended VerdeSol. Two weeks remained before the application deadline for a USDA REAP Grant. Even though they were busy on other projects, they agreed to try the impossible and completed the 372-page complicated application on time. My grant was approved mainly for the quality of information and professionalism of the application. They made no promises, and they didn't do it for the money. They are just good people. That's the best recommendation of all."

                                                                                                                                   Stephen Abercrombie, President and Owner